The world of Behind the Blue Door has three major classes in the animal kingdom: Human, Youkai, and Monster. Each individual species has a corresponding analog in the "real world", which exists on the other side of the Blue Door. If they were to step through that door, they would appear as their analog species.

Humans are the same as they are anywhere else. They are considered the "ruling" species, at least in Noxville and the surrounding Tri-County areas. This may vary in other times and places, however. Humans own most of the land in Noxville and the Youkai pay a yearly fee for their homes or businesses. Their real-world analog is Homo Sapien.

Baron Reginald of the Province of Flynn
Uncle General
Count Tomas

YOUKAI are the most populous of the three classes. They are not human, but they have the same level of sentience, intelligence, and self-awareness-- in other words, psychologically and emotionally, there isn't much difference, though each species of Youkai have different personal attributes, in terms of physiology, psychology, and biology. The main species of Youkai seen around Noxville are:

Daemons are visually indistinguishable from humans, except for the two large, pointed horns that grow from the upper sides of their skull. They have the power of short-distance teleportation, but have to be holding onto someone else; they can't teleport alone. A rare few can breathe fire. Daemons are emotional and tend to wear their heart on their sleeve. The few that aren't openly emotive are even more intense in their moods, in line with the saying "still waters run deep". They are passionate lovers but have a tendency to be flighty and can be very stubborn and set in their ways. Their real-world analog is Capra aegagrus hircus (Domestic goats).

Jeffrey Daimos
Jack Daimos

Nox, sometimes called Fairies, are also similar to humans, except that they have gently pointed, elf-like ears and two pairs of long, narrow, semi-transluscent wings that enable them to fly with surprising grace and speed. Each Nox also has a pattern of dark pigmentation that appears just above their tailbone when they reach puberty, known as a "tramp stamp". When a Nox gets his or her tramp stamp, a coming-of-age celebration is usually held. In personality, Nox are good-hearted and sensible, with a strong belief in home and family. Their real-world analog is Bombus terrestris (Bumblebees).

Mitzi Nyx
Stanley Nyx
Chip Nyx
Sylvie Nyx

There is only ever one vampire at any given time in the world of Behind the Blue Door. They are usually women, and when they are not in their vampire form, they are indistinguishable from Humans. They are bound by instinct to guard the doorway to other dimensions, which in this particular time period resides in the castle of Baron Reginald. In the present time, Lady Constance, wife of Baron Reginald (maiden name Constance Delatikihead), is the vampire who protects the world from interference by other-dimensionsal beings. Because of the fearsome appearance of her vampire form, and the distasteful work she must do, a vampire may keep her identity a secret and attempt to perform her work in secrecy. In Vampire form, they retain their bodily proportions, with the addition of huge, dark, leathery bat wings growing from between their shoulder blades. As well, their faces take on a terrifying snake-like appearance, their mouths growing huge with large fangs that are meant to quickly and efficiently tear apart anyone who comes through the Blue Door. Is the beautiful human appearance their true identity, or the terrifying vampire? Perhaps a bit of both. Their temperament, when not performing their grisly duty, tends to be one of cool standoffishness. They often give off an air of indifference due to the pressure of keeping their identity a secret, but they are not unkind and can even be very generous and loving to the people close to them. Their real-world analog is Desmodus rotundus (Vampire Bats).

Lady Constance of the Province of Flynn (nee Delatikihead)

Pigs are little people who look like cute little piglets, with human traits such as standing and walking upright, wearing clothing, etc. They have hands with opposable thumbs but cloven hooves instead of feet, as well as little curly tails. They are friendly, intelligent and industrious but can be surprisingly crafty, even subversive, if they feel injustice is taking place. Because of their harmless, childlike appearance, it makes people nervous when the darker traits appear. Their real-world analog is Sus domesticus (Domestic pigs).

Mike Wiggly (deceased)
Lolita Wiggly
Steven Wiggly
Maribell Wiggly

Fertility Gods resemble crudely-sculpted human figures, but are in fact sentient beings. Ironically, they don't marry or reproduce. Usually, they just appear out of nowhere (in a manner similar to the way Vampires just appear as infants). Though they're physically asexual, they usually run businesses that provide a meeting place for single Youkai and Humans (such as discos and bars). Their real-world analogs are inanimate objects.

Joe Delatikihead
Venus DeWillendorf

Birds are homonculi with beaks in place of mouths and thin legs with claw-like feet, covered in feathers of varying colours and patterns. They have human-like arms and hands with opposable thumbs. They are generally about the same height as Pigs. Legend has it they gave up the power of flight for the powers of speech and reasoning, and as such they tend towards scientific, intellectual pursuits, with many Birds studying to become Mad Scientists (an actual profession in this world). Their real-world analog is Serinus flaviventris (Yellow Canaries).

Dr. Daryl Tweedy
Dr. Mark Tweedy (missing, possibly deceased)

Slugs are less Human in form than other Youkai, as they lack legs and feet, instead slithering along the ground on a thin layer of mucus they excrete that gives their skin a lustrous look. They have large mouths and tongues with sharp teeth, but are helpful creatures that usually find employment in the service industry, often taking jobs as butlers, maids, and nannies for wealthy families. Slugs are virtually identical (in the eyes of other species, not to other Slugs) and usually wear distinctive and snappy headwear to express their individuality. Their real-world analog is Selenochlamys ysbryda (Ghost Slugs).

Slugella Parson

Witches are physically identical to Humans and in fact could conceivably live out their entire lives "passing" as Human. The difference is that Witches possess many esoteric abilities, as well as a talent for healing. Those that wish to continue their healing studies may become Witch Doctors or Witch Nurses (or one of the other many occupations in Witch Health Care). They are highly intuitive when it comes to mixing herbs and spices to create cures, balms, salves and healing spells, due to the psychic abilities inherent in Witches. Other Witch abilities include glamour (the ability to change their appearance-- not shape change, but simply make themselves appear differently to others), levitation, and fortune telling. There are three different types of Witches, each of whom get their powers from a different element: Fire, Water, and Air. The corresponding element has an effect on how they access their powers. Their real-world analog is, believe it or not, Danaus plexippus (Monarch Butterflies).

Lotus Frumpenstein
Young Dr. Kildaire

Skeletons resemble animated human skeletons. However, they were never the bones of any Human, rather, they are an autonomous species that surprisingly interact and reproduce exactly like most other members of the Animal Kingdom. Non-Skeletons that have attempted to figure out exactly how are usually driven to madness, so the Skeleton Pornography industry has always been a non-starter (fortunately). Skeletons are entrepreneurial and hard-working. The real-world analog is a pile of bones.

The Scary Skeleton Family

Ghosts are not, strictly speaking, Youkai: They are, in fact, the spirits of restless Humans who refuse to leave the world despite their bodies dying. Usually such stubborn entities come from Humans who were extremely troublesome in life and are even moreso in death. They are fortunately very rare, since the type of obstinacy necessary to become a ghost is quite uncommon in the Humans of Noxville and the surrounding Tri-County area. They generally reside in a shadow dimension and can only be gotten rid of by either a trained Exorcist (a Witch Doctor with special schooling) or by actually visiting the shadow dimension and physically killing them (again) there. Real-world analog is Homo Sapien (deceased).

Popehat Antoinnette

Elves are on average smaller and slighter than Humans, but otherwise similar, save for their somewhat large, pointed ears. They have some ESP, but most can't really control it. Elves are not indigenous to Noxville and the Tri-County area, mainly dwelling in coastal regions in the south where they originated. While they have been known to travel quite widely, they don't tend to drop down roots anywhere but their homeland, probably because they are the ruling class there (unlike most of the rest of the world, where they're just considered another species of Youkai). They're shrewd in business and excel in creating and trading goods, but they tend to be stuffy and provincial in their personal lives. The real-world analog is Felis chaus (Jungle Cats).


A werewolf is a creature similar to a Vampire, except that they can transform from being essentially identical to Human to a hairy, wolf-like version of themselves. They retain their intelligence and speech when they transform, though their emotional state may vary wildly. Werewolves are usually male, and rarely seen around Noxville and the Tri-County area. Their real-world analog is Canis lupus (Gray Wolves). Like Vampires, they can reproduce with Humans on occasion.


MONSTERS are members of the Animal Kingdom that lack the power of speech, as well as the apparent sentience of the Humans and Youkai. They appear in various shapes and sizes, usually in the wild.

Cats are cats, pretty much the same anywhere, except that in the world of Behind the Blue Door, they can fly through the air. No wings, they just defy gravity, flying around to their hearts' content. Otherwise, they are just like cats everywhere. They eat, they sleep. Their power of flight means they sometimes get used as speedy messengers, but of course getting a cat to run errands is iffy at best. The real-world analog is Felis catus (Domestic Cats).



This is a large, four-legged species of scavengers with catlike eyes, long ears, and disturbing, vertical mouths. In Noxville, they mostly live around the bottom of cliffs, where they feast upon the bodies of unfortunate creatures that fall (or are dropped) from the top. The most interesting thing of note about these monsters is that, despite their lack of intelligence, they always wear snazzy little tophats. Their real-world analog is Canis latrans (Coyotes).

There are rumours of shape-changing creatures, possibly Monster, but more likely Youkai, that can assume any size and shape they wish. Their true form is unknown, as is their real-world analog.

"The Big Gooch"

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