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It's a mid-1960s cartoon bonanza here at Mr Kitty as we rock out to theme songs from forgotten cartoons that were hits on both sides of the Pacific! Marine Boy is the story of Marine Boy, who is a Marine Boy who battles evil underneath the sea with his diving suit, his jet boots, his electric boomerang, his friendly dolphin friend, and his topless mermaid girlfriend. This 1966 cartoon was produced by Seven Arts in conjunction with the Japanese anime studio Japan Tele-Cartoons, and here we give you both the lyrical and the orchestral version of the American theme song AND the Japanese theme song, which is really entertaining. Meanwhile on Mondo Island, the giant ape King Kong and his friend Bobby Bond live an idyllic tropical life, spoiled only by the evil machinations of that sinister Dr. Who. The KING KONG cartoon was a Videocraft presentation with animation by the Japanese studio Toei, and King Kong segments alternated with segments of its companion show, Tom Of T.H.U.M.B, the stirring saga of a janitor who was accidentally reduced in size by a "shrinking lazor" along with his pal, the secret Asian man Swingin' Jack, who is ignored in the American theme song but who gets equal time in the Japanese opening. Enjoy them both and look out for Dr. Who!