This amazing Don Knotts film from Warner Brothers is a remarkable example of how damn near anything could get made into a film in the 60s. And while we're making an inane, slipshod film, why not crank out a cheap comic book adaption too? Why not indeed.

You'll immediately recognize the stench of quality about this Dell Movie Classic comic when you note the fine draftsmanship of Tony Tallarico. As we see here, Mr. Limpet is a wimpy milquetoast of a guy who would rather be a fish.

And just in case you didn't quite grasp the concept before, here's that same panel again, repeated two pages later. Don't strain yourself with this one, Tony.

Eventually Mr. Limpet falls into the ocean and turns into a fish. What, you thought this movie was about his incredible bookkeeping skills?

As we can see Mr. Limpet was an early devotee of Devo and their theories of de-evolution. First thing Limpet does as a fish is hook up - get it? "hook up"? - with a lady fish.

Man, those chick fishes don't mess around - straight to the spawning grounds! What about dinner? A little conversation? Where's the romance?
Soon Limpet realizes that as a fish he can single-handedly destroy the Nazi U-boat menace, and he conveys this message to the Navy by yelling at ships. His liason officer is none other than the famous Captain Harlock.

No, not THIS Captain Harlock:

THAT Captain Harlock.

Just to clarify; we're not talking about the Japanese space pirate -

but the American navy guy with the moustache. This guy.

Eventually using his mighty fish powers Limpet wipes out the entire Nazi submarine fleet. You didn't read about this in the papers because it's stupid.

And with the evil Nazis destroyed, Limpet goes on to enjoy the fruits of victory.

In layman terms, this means fertilizing a bunch of eggs laying on the sea floor and then swimming upriver until you drop dead. We salute you, Admiral Limpet!