Reveen! The Impossibilist! This stage mentalist spent decades entertaining young and old throughout Canada and the world with his amazing, never to be forgotten hypnotism act. And somewhere in the early to mid 1960s, Reveen, or his publicist, decided to break into the world of comic books. What would Reveen bring to the comics medium? Mystery? Excitement? Action?

Would you believe situation comedy?

Reveen lives with his four goateed sons in a suburban house that also sports a goatee, cleverly utilized as a welcome mat. And even though his sons are old enough to grow beards, they're not old enough for show biz.

Parents! Here's a handy tip - if your children exhibit restlessness at bedtime, why not try hypnosis? They'll sleep soundly and you can go to nightclubs with a guilt free conscience, at least until Child Protective Services catches up with you.

Reveen also drives a big black car with a goatee and menacing headlights. I don't know if that goatee is street legal.

It being the 1960s, Reveen's kids decide to get some guitars and form a musical combo. I know it's a cliche, but everybody literally WAS doing it back then.

Naturally such a hard-rockin' act of preteens with beards is a hit with the kids, especially teenage girls afflicted with lockjaw or some other kind of rictus-inducing spasm.

Charming, isn't it, to remember a time when the Beatles were just some kind of meaningless fad devoid of talent or significance, openly mocked by hypnotists' promotional comics?

What's this? A rock and roll act OUTSELLING a professional stage hypnotist? Such things... they cannot be! WE'RE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS HERE, PEOPLE!

Reveen Senior cannot allow his own flesh and blood to rival his box office! So another dose of Parental Super-Consciousness, comin' right up!

Now come on here. The Replacements sounded like this half the time and they're one of the greatest rock bands ever!

Having delivered the appropriate mesmeric beat-down upon his obstreperous offspring, Reveen switches to a more traditional method to reinforce his message. In real life his four sons DID assist Reveen in his act. Whether or not they all sported goatees is anybody's guess. Reveen now manages another performer in Las Vegas, his days of thrilling audiences in Moose Jaw and Saskatoon long behind him. We'll always remember you, Reveen! It says so right here!