This week's comic has the title "Kissin' Cousins", a phrase that always suggests something vaguely creepy and inappropriate. Since it's a Bugs Bunny comic, that probably involves something about a small furry animal in drag, right? Anyway, Bugs starts off by spying on Elmer Fudd with some weird looking cat thing. Not creepy at all.

Nor is this portrait of Elmer as a glassy-eyed Stepford Bachelor. But OH HO HO you see he's not getting married, his cousin is! What sort of wacky sitcom-esque hijinks will ensue?

Well... pretty much the sort of sitcome-esque hijinks you'd expect really. But the appearance of Elmer's cousin Marion begs the question: is he the freakish, bald, lisping little weirdo of the Fudd clan, who gets treated like a servant at family gatherings? Or is she, with her somewhat human-like proportions and doll-like features the outcast, the Marilyn Munster to Elmer's Eddie? Since the rest of the family doesn't seem to show up in this story, I guess we'll never know.

Anyway-- Bugs, once again not-creepily spying, overhears Cousin Marilyn... er, Marion... with her actual fiance and once again wacky hijinks are promised as an outcome. Misunderstandings! What would the world of fiction be without them?

Well, it had to happen. Bugs can only stay out of women's clothing for so long, especially when Elmer's around. The freakishly large minister appears surprised, anyway, or it could just be he realized he's standing in a 3 foot hole.

It's great that Elmer had this drag act nailed down to two animals he's constantly hunting. Since he can't tell a rabbit from a duck without taking off its wig, it's not too surprising that he's never managed to successfully put buckshot into either of them. Well, at least this is the end of the creepy pseudo-suggestiveness, right?

Oh. Ew.
It looks like the kinkiness of this wedding has caused all sorts of warps in time and space, as evidenced by the crazy mismatched sizes of everyone in the foreground in that last panel. Remember folks, don't do bondage at your wedding, lest you cause everyone's heads to grow and shrink at will!