The universe extends into infinity, full of mystery and wonders that mankind will never fully understand. Some of these mysteries involve dogs.

Larry's a good boy whose father works at the top secret defense plant, and all Larry wants is a friend!

Luckily, giant, bipedal hounds roam the neighborhood freely, offering their love and companionship to everyone in need as they stand on their hind legs while making vaguely sarcastic faces. If we only knew the TRUTH behind this friendly dog!

And the truth is that Rover is a space alien dog from a planet of space dogs who wear little green and red tights and walk upright like men, sent to Earth to steal our top secret atmosphere ionizer. I suspected as much. But what happens when Rover gets his checkup at the veterinarian? Won't a physical exam reveal his otherworldly nature?

Actually, yes, a physical exam WILL reveal Rover's space alien status, but the vet just thinks he's had one too many three-martini lunches down at the Kennel Club.

Luckily for America's as-yet ionized atmosphere, Rover can use his space alien powers to track down and apprehend spies! The OTHER spies, I mean.

At last his mission on Earth is finished and the Ionizer plans are safely recorded in his alien dog camera-eyes! But he's got one last thing to do before he leaves our planet... and no, he's not going to use the death-ray on that cat next door.

The alien dogs are actually vicious killer alien dogs whose evil plans are hard to take seriously because of their little green and red tights? Family menaced by grenade-throwing spies? What's a space dog to do?

Here at STUPID COMICS we refer to panels like this as "the money shot." Such a happy friendly ray-gun wielding dog... who's a good boy? Huh? Oh, who's a good boy?

Overcome by love for humanity and fond memories of Gainesburgers, Liv-A-Snaps and the thrill of chasing that little chuckwagon, Rover catches the grenade in his mouth and returns it to its rightful owners like all good dogs should.

Woof! Woof! Arf! Er, I mean, let us depart and find some other planet where beings of our species are regarded as friendly house pets and watchdogs, giving us wonderful opportunities for espionage, provided all veterinarians are drunks!