From out of the west, thundering hooves and a cloud of dust, it's that famous Western hero Red Rabbit! Righting wrongs, defending the innocent, and... what's that? You never heard of Red Rabbit? Why, he had 22 whole issues of his very own comic book back in the late 1940s!

Back when the funny animal style was all the rage, cartoony anthropomorphic versions of popular characters filled the comic racks. Super Rabbit, Hoppy The Marvel Bunny, even the venerable Super Duck started out as a costumed adventurer. Red Rabbit was no exception, being a flop-eared version of cowboy hero and Daisy BB gun pitchman Red Ryder.

But enough of that, you'll shoot your eye out, you betchum. Back to Red Rabbit! When last we saw Red and his sidekick Punchy and his horse "Glueboy" (!!) they were at the scene of a vicious shooting, by the side of the wounded old prospector, vowing to find the critters what done this!

Red's finely honed tracking sense and woods lore instantly tell him the most vital piece of information regarding the car that drove off. It's foreign. That's all he needs to know!

I always love funny animal comics where talking dogs and rabbits are riding horses. Do the horses talk? Are they slaves? What's up with that?

Red always helps out with the dirty work!

Red's keen detective sense leads him to ask questions in the saloon, just like Tonto's told to do in every single episode of the Lone Ranger. Hmmm, out of towners? Strangers? FOREIGNERS? That's them! Get the rope!

Driving a foreign car - with TIRES? Clearly this is an open and shut case!

Talking animals wearing clothes and hats? Driving a foreign car? They're foreigners all right, by golly! One look through a window and Red immediately knows where these people come from, what they're after, that they killed the old prospector and that they intend to use the uranium for atom bombs that threaten America's nuclear hegemony. I don't blame Red for jumping to conclusions - after all he IS a rabbit.

Don't you understand Punchy? When the obvious foreigner said "our government" he meant some OTHER government! We can't allow other governments to have naturally occuring elements that exist all over the world!

America's foreign policy for decades, explained by cartoon rabbit cowboys.

So Red, that's criminal endangerment, forced confinement, and auto theft, because you saw some guys drive away from a prospector laying on the ground, not to mention your irrational hatred of foreigners. All that due process, innocent until proven guilty jazz is for citified, prissy Eastern city slickers, not us cowboys! Way to go Red Rabbit! There's a job waiting for you with Senator McCarthy!
You might want to do something about that first name, though.