Y'know those LOVE IS... cartoons starring the two naked toddlers who are in love? Aren't they cute? Don't they just make you writhe and wriggle in an agony of cuteness? And how. So what could possibly be cuter than two naked toddlers? How about... UNBORN BABIES?

And now you know the thought processes behind the creation of "Eggbert", the worlds first (and hopefully only) fetus-themed gag strip! A fetus - in the womb? Why the laughs must be endless!

Why you've got jokes highlighting the anxieties of middle children, exemplified by grafitti on the lining of the uterus! At least I HOPE that was a previous baby and not a wise-ass gynecologist. Laffs ahoy!

You've got gags about babies in the womb doing wackily incongruous things with props that we usually don't associate with women's reproductive parts. Comedy gold. Sometimes there's just one baby and sometimes they are twins. The girl's name is "Eggberta".

There are a few cartoons like this one that just doesn't make any sense whatsoever. Is this a reference to a pop culture icon? A catch-phrase we should all know? When I see a baby in a top hat I think of Baby New Year. I'm getting mixed signals here, "Laf"!

A few cartoons go out of their way to demonstrate a complete ignorance of female anatomy. Stuff doesn't get inside a woman's private parts because she ate it, Doctor "Laf". And marijuana seeds don't have little flowers like that, you square.

There are even a few strips that push a Dianetics style womb-trauma explanation for mental illness! Remember that time you hollered BLOCK THAT KICK YOU LOSER at the television when the ol' lady was pregnant? That's why Junior is a kick-blocking loser! Also Xenu.

This one's hard to figure out. Is Eggbert the product of blackout-inspired intercourse? Is he just using a power outage as an excuse to kick and wriggle around like babies do all up in there? Or is there blackout-inspired lovemaking going on right now? Thanks "Laf", now I'm all confused and kinda disgusted.

This one's just kinda grim.

Nothing like a cartoon about incest between two fetuses to lighten your day, huh?

This one... this one's special. Think about it for a minute. Think about how exactly the light from that slide is getting to where that baby is. Now... try to UN-think it. Have fun!

Confusing huh? Let's mix things up with a joke about fetal alcohol syndrome! Laffs ahoy!

Eventually our twins must prepare for their journey to the cold hard harshly lit world beyond their mom's belly. But not without a few jokes!

And here you are, Eggbert! Safely arrived in our modern world circa 1973! Getting spanked right away and otherwise exposed to all those great child-rearing concepts of the mid 20th century. No, you can't go back in!
FUN FACT: There were at least 4 (count 'em, FOUR) collected volumes of "Eggbert" cartoons.