Look up in the sky! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it Mighty Mouse? Is it Hoppy The Marvel Bunny? No, it's Atomic Mouse!

Able to change the course of funny animal comics and bend "fair use" in his bare hands! Where would Charlton Comics be without its most famous nuclear-powered funny-animal super hero character? Probably much worse off because this is Charlton Comics we're talking about here and they need all the help they can get. Let's begin our story by looking in on Atomic Mouse's arch-villain, Count Gatto! He's a - wait for it - a cat.

Bored with the blah-blah-blah channel? Why not check out Planet X on the ultra sonic short wave? They've got super uranium! Gatto needs to get there fast - faster than a "good jet rocket".

Even the man in the street - okay, mouse - sees the awesome potential in having nuclear powered jet rockets, whizzing around everywhere coating the world in their atomic exhaust smoke. Surely there can't be any downside to this scenario!

Count Gatto gets his little chum Shadow to cosplay as Atomic Mouse and a doctor peers inside his belt buckle, which to be perfectly honest here, looks like a little toilet. Luckily it's empty.

So which would YOU prefer - keeping your powerful U-235 pills in a little box next to your junk, or just cutting to the chase and swallowing one, letting powerful radiation penetrate your every vital organ? Please be very careful, says the doctor!

Impersonating Atomic Mouse, stealing U-235 pills, and now Grand Theft Rocket! That Count Gatto is a rouge for certain!

Luckily Doctor Easily Fooled also has the Planet X channel on his TV and soon Count Gatto's plan is revealed.

Apparently all that's required for today's modern dictator is a whip and a can-do attitude!

Remember kids if you want to fly real fast just go to the medicine cabinet and swallow some pills! The bigger the better! Soon you'll be flyin' high just like Atomic Mouse!!

With one punch Atomic Mouse ends the reign of the dictator Count Gatto. The thankful citizens of Planet X are simple natives who only wish their natural resources were closer to a more civilized planet so that they could be plundered more easily - I mean, "used to do good." They beg Atomic Mouse for help in making their dream possible!

Here we see the sham of "free elections" on Planet X. What a travesty of justice!

Wait a minute Atomic Mouse - that's your plan? To fly an entire planet packed with 'super uranium' to Earth and set it daintily down just outside an alarmed MOuseville? Why the environmental impact statement forms ALONE will take a hundred years to fill out!

One day a strong gust of wind toppled Planet X off that mountain and it rolled right over Mouseville, killing everybody. But Atomic Mouse already had his Medal Of Honor so he didn't care.

And no, you aren't hallucinating, that's President Eisenhower.