Bombarded by gamma rays, mild-mannered scientist Dr. Banner finds himself transformed into a rampaging... mattress ad?

That's right! Marvel Comics, in cooperation with Sleepy's The Mattress Professionals, brings you a comic book jam packed with superheroes, super villians, exciting action... and mattresses! This week's Stupid Comics is courtesy reader Chris T.!

Now you may be thinking that superhero comics are a strange way to sell quality mattresses. And you'd be right. But let's face it, even super heroes sometimes have trouble getting to sleep.

We might be tempted to think that Banner's insomnia is peanuts compared to his larger problems - turning into a rampaging green monster, for one - but lack of sleep is a problem even non-gamma-powered people have to face from time to time. I might suggest watching that Hulk movie with Eric Bana and Nick Nolte - that one puts me to sleep every time.

But with one night on a Sleepy's Mattress, Banner's insomnia-induced fits of Hulkitude are gone! Remember, Sleepy's will sell mattresses to anybody, even windbreaker-wearing, backpack-toting scientists on the run (cue sad Hulk piano music) who are clearly poor credit risks.

But you're not going to get out of this comic without some superhero fight action! As the Hulk rampages through the city only one man can stop him - the living embodiment of Sleepy's quality mattresses - THE SLEEPY'S MAN!

Just flop down on a Sleepy's mattress and you'll be transported into the dimension of Nightmare, the master of, well, nightmares. (I don't know if this is quite the selling point Sleepy's wants us to come away with.) Nightmare is one of Marvel's earliest recurring bad guys, but somehow he has avoided facing the gently smiling wrath of The Sleepy's Man - until now.

You can't battle Nightmare on his home turf - but luckily the Hulk's slapping hands can shatter the very fabric of time and space. TV hosts - think about this before you invite the Hulk to be in the studio audience of your show!

And after a job well done the Hulk diminishes rapidly in size and falls asleep in seconds! Does this ring a bell, guys? You know what I'm talking about right ladies?

Oh no Iron Man! The Rhino has crashed into that convenient Sleepy's truck, loaded to the gunwhales with soft, comfortable Sleepy's mattresses! Let's you and the Hulk team up to save Sleepy's!

Now some of you may be asking just how durable are these Sleepy's mattresses? Well sir these mattresses are so strong they can even restrain some of Marvel's most powerful super villians, including The Rhino! And you know he's got that horn and everything! So you know they're gonna take whatever you can dish out. Now how many can I put you down for?

I sure hope they're not going to just put those mattresses out on the sales floor. I don't want to sleep on something the Rhino has been insenately sprawling all over. And what does the Hulk do? Steals ANOTHER Sleepy's mattress! How many of those things do you need?

And with the thinly veiled promise of more Hollywood style super hero mattress action to come, we take our leave of... this... ssnore...zzzz...zzzz