Nuclear destruction. Super-science. Marauding packs of crazed mutations. Weird animal-human hybrids. Gleaming domed cities. And... surfing!

That's the premise behind our feature today, an exciting "Mad Max" style adventure filled with excitement. And surfing. Lots of surfing.

The year 2164 - atomic war devastates the globe! Mankind's supplies of board wax and Coppertone are wiped out in an instant!

Luckily one city had the forethought to erect a giant dome that, after the nuclear holocaust, is perfectly situated for awesome (or "tubular") surfing. But is surfing all there is? If you 360 or roundhouse cutback, Walter-style, and no hodads or gremmies or beach bunnies are there to watch, ARE YOU REALLY SURFING?

So Prince Adamm of Surf City here sends out his Surf Emissaries to surf around and look for other survivors. And much to the chagrin of Adamm and his Surf Stormtroopers, no life is to be found. Not even shoobies or shark biscuits.

Yes, even in the far flung surfin' future there are still wave widows who stand on the futuristic shore, watching their surfers surf. And preparing their "radiation wash."

However on the horizon danger lurks in the form of a giant derelict ship filled with battle-crazed mutants! And hey, if you're thinking this is similar to the Kevin Costner film WATERWORLD you aren't the only one. Keep in mind that this comic is from 1987 - SEVEN YEARS before WATERWORLD! However as far as I can tell there is no pee drinking in this comic. Score one for "Wave Warriors".

Sure, we should be guarding our precious jewel of civilization, but.. SURF'S UP! Remember, watching Adamm surf is almost as exciting as surfing itself! What's the worst that could happen?

Okay, that is actually the worst that could happen.

Adamm! WHY? Why are our schools and library towers being destroyed? Maybe because we did spent all our time surfing rather than looking around at the horizon every once in awhile-- no, mustn't even CONSIDER a world where we can't surf endlessly.

Are you looking and listening as the evil plunges deep?

Not only has the evil lord Natuluxx conquered the last outpost of civilization, but there is some totally bitchin' wave action going on out there! So... SURF CONTEST!!

Wow, who would have thought that a vicious gang of hideous mutant killers would CHEAT at SURFING? Natuluxx, you've GONE TOO FAR THIS TIME.

Oh no, Natuluxx has defeated the Wave Warriors! For a bunch of people with a comic book named after them, the Wave Warriors really stink at both waving AND warrioring.

Meanwhile, Dr. Roc and Lobo, two genetically engineered super science mutants, sally forth from their undersea lab to try and save the day. Since all the heroes are already dead, the wisdom of this move is debatable.

Yup, we thought that our comic book about a post-nuclear world populated by surfing addicts and freakish, hateful mutants needed a little something extra. So: purple and red werewolf!

Dr. Roc's plan is to use the corpses of the Wave Warriors in an experiment to crystalize gelatinous membranes into sympathetic digital controllers that accept mechanical and hydro-sonic replacements of every organ. This is not covered by Blue Cross so LOOK OUT!

Muscles like steel? Tasteful green jams? THIS IS NOT MY WORK! Resurrected as a steel-skinned super surfer, Adamm will no doubt wreak vengeance - SURF STYLE VENGEANCE - on the mutants and on gremmies and hodads alike! But unfortunately this is where the comic ends, with but the promise of super-surfing to come. FUN FACT: this comic book had a print run of 25,000 and every one got sold. Read 'em and weep, comic book industry of today.