Our story today takes place in the seedy underbelly of Tijuana, where lost souls degrade themselves in unholy acts for the entertainment of the sick and the... what? Oh wait.

Wait a minute, it's a British girls' comic. No Tijuana. Just "Downton," where Dolly Dickens dithers and dawdles while dumbfounded at the difficulties caused by the local wandering donkey.

Jimmy the Donkey simply will not behave!

"Oh look a sweet little donkey! Galloping towards us, about to crush our skulls with his heavy great hooves! Hooray!"

Seven or eight hundred pounds of rampaging donkey later and all they're missing is a sandwich? They should be grateful. If only Miss Edith Knowles, Jimmy's owner, would follow her legal and ethical responsibilities towards domestic animals! But she's a sweet old lady.

Oh Jimmy, it's not nice to shatter Policeman's kneecap! Policeman uses that knee to kettle protestors!

Luckily our local constable was wearing his steel knee-guards today, as the smashing blow of a donkey's hoof only gives him a slight limp. Nosey neighbors agree - Miss Knowles must get rid of that destructive donkey!

What's that, misdirected word balloon? The LAW can INSIST that rampaging, violent animals be controlled in some fashion? Well I never. Surely we can come up with a plan to convince Miss Knowles to do the right thing before it comes to that. But how?

I've got it! We'll all get in the Mystery Machine, check out the abandoned amusement park, and unmask the monster as an evil real estate developer! Rets ro, Raggy!

And no, their plan isn't to let Jimmy rampage through a group of helpless orphans, but to show how he only behaves near the innocent hearts of children. And that maybe he should be living somewhere around lots of children, not some absentminded old coot, hint hint Miss Knowles.

Hey, everything worked out great. How's that new knee working out for you, Constable?