Sure, everybody knows about the Christian giveaway comics of Jack T. Chick. But there are lots of other spirit-filled folk out there toiling away at the drawing table trying to get people to come home to Jesus. One of the more interesting is this anonymous gem of the “cheesecake” school of saving souls, FORBIDDEN PLANET.

That’s right, it’s a Christian interpretation of the classic 50s sci-fi flick starring Leslie Nielsen and a guy in a robot suit. But what makes this tract special is the slick, commerical artwork that prominently features good lookin’ babes.

If you can process the incredible amount of verbiage in this tract – this is more text than an entire library of Chick comics! –you’ll realize that we’re two pages into this 4-page tract and Jesus hasn’t been mentioned once. Also, I don’t remember Anne Francis being NEARLY this hawt in the movie.

I think it’s a safe bet to assume most 50s SF flicks were, at heart, about the atom bomb, and when we say “atom bomb” we really mean Satan! Geopolitics has never been simpler.

Valerie Bertinelli gestures hypnotically and asks us to please keep our minds filled with only good and pure things, like bikini models on the beach at Malibu! Somehow I think the artist’s interpretation of scripture leaves room for improvement.

Seriously, this is the sluttiest Christian comic I’ve ever seen. It was published by the Children of God, AKA The Family, a California-based religious cult that practiced “flirty fishing” – otherwise known as “hookers for Jesus”. The Family’s free-love theology was detailed in comic-book form, some of which make FORBIDDEN PLANET seem downright pious.
My only question is, how the hell do you do an entire comic about the movie Forbidden Planet and forget to include the star –Robby The Robot??