Are you jonesin' for something? I think you are, and I think I know exactly what you're jonesin' for.

You're jonesing for Navy "Underseas" Jones, the undersea hero with the pointy hat and the friendly grin! Let's see what Navy is up to today.

Uh oh, looks like Navy is smack dab in the middle of some fish-men trouble again, as highly disciplined, tightly bunched rebel legions attack the streamlined trailer park city of the peaceful undersea people.

At this point, comic books didn't know if they were going to stay adventure stories or mutate into some kind of weird symbolic folk art. Throw a few Jesus references on this one and it could be a Howard Finster painting!

The evil prime minister celebrates his victory by eating a hot dog in a panel awkwardly subdivided to give the reader lots of empty, useless blank space, colored bright yellow to make sure the reader can't avoid seeing it.

Just what my life was missing - a tight close up of the evil fangs of a fish-man prime minster, dripping with drool SO WET that it drips UNDERWATER! Now that's wet!

I myself am puzzled by the bright yellow whale, but I am not used to the wonders of the deep like Navy Jones is.

Terrifying monster, Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon, whatever.

Luckily there are plenty of discarded anchors lying around the fish-man city for Navy Jones to kill monsters with. Quit polluting the sea with your anchors, sea captains! Navy Jones only needs one!

Have you seen our giant carnivorous underwater plant? We feed it with a rail car! Nope, serves no real purpose, we just like having horrifying deadly monsters looming over our city.

Suddenly Navy Jones! Blasting you out of existence with undersea ray-guns! What's that grandpa? Your solution to the evil prime minister's rebellion to to blow up your entire city? You don't think that's over-reacting just a little, and that you might want to lie down for a bit?

The fish-men are no match for Navy Jones and his ability to "pass", leaving what appears to be a trail of noxious gas in his wake. Hey, I'm only telling you what I see, it's right there on the page there.

Ha ha Evil Prime Minister, I'm whipping you into the air - even though we're underwater! Pretty amazing, huh?

"Hungry Sea Swine". Yes, of course. Naturally.

And thus the phrase 'we were forced to destroy the undersea city in order to save it' was coined. I'm sure the peaceful citizens were overjoyed at the prospect of having to rebuild their entire city. On the other hand, be fair, it wasn't so much "city" as it was "trailer park". Be sure to read the next adventure of Navy Jones!