If you like comic books and Japanese super robots, then you're sure to like this week's offering. Wait, did I say "like"? Everybody knows Europeans are second only to the Japanese in their love for comics, a love that American retailers could only wish for. And you'd think that when the Euros do their own versions of Japanese comics, they'd bring to the table decades worth of experience in world-class bandes-dessinees artistry, right?

These panels come from a hardcover GOLDORAK comic that was printed in France by an Italian company. Or maybe it was printed in Italy by a French company. As we can see here, Goldorak - that's Grandizer to you and me - is genuflecting before the silhouetted feet of his true love. I mean enemy robot. Luckily Goldorak recalls the proper yogic position to restore his sanity.

With a "Pommm", Goldorak's eye beams tear Mister Robot a new pie hole. But wait, there's more! Note to colorists: Goldorak is the #1 rated TV show in your country, so you have no excuse for screwing his color scheme up this badly.

Plafz! Boumm! And Europe is safe once again... but for how long?

Yeah, the Euro-Grandizer is pretty inept. But the real gem of this GOLDORAK comic is the advertisement in the back for children's costumes.

It's fumetti Halloween nightmare as Japanese robots, medieval princesses, and Marvel Comics characters collide! Let's take a closer look at these little cosplay dramas.

Goldorak defeats a Saucer Beast just in time to get a party invitation. Meanwhile, somebody called "Fantastic Four" grips his orange space gun and flies out on some kind of glowing platform. Maybe this is one person with all of the Fantastic Four's powers, which means he's the Super Skrull. The text is unclear, but I think the little girl is supposed to be Candy from the anime show CANDY CANDY. It's hard to tell without the raccoon. Happy birthday from Goldorak and "Fantastic Four"!

Meanwhile, Isabelle is a prisoner! Yes, you too can learn French via comic book advertisements! Who will rescue her? Why, some Renfest veteran named Thierry Lafronde, and the space pirate Albator! Albator is what the French call Captain Harlock. Why? Who knows? Who knows why the French do anything? What does "Albator" mean anyway? No matter what they call him, they sure do make a bitchin' Harlock costume for the kids. How come French kids get costumes for Grandizer and Captain Harlock while honest clean living American kids like myself are stuck with Hulk costumes that are nothing more than cheap plastic overalls with a picture of the Hulk on the front? Is the Hulk really going to wear clothes decorated with his own picture? No!