It's a well known fact that Charlton Comics Give You More. But what do they give you more OF? In this case, it's more of the wrong kind!

See, I told you. Angela knew all the jive jargon and has ensnared Marge into her web of fast cars and boys! Where will all this lead?

Angela moved from the big city to this small town, and naturally has trouble adjusting. I'm sure that the parents, teachers, and fellow students will be sympathetic and understanding, and welcome this newcomer to their community. Right?

WRONG. It's straight to Coventry for Angela! You see, "being sent to Coventry" is an archaic expression meaning to be shunned or ignored. It may very well date from the English Civil War (1640)! Who says you can't learn anything from making fun of comics?

Angela could care less what the girls think, it's the boys she's after! Will she drag Margie into her boy-crazy world? She sure will!

Apparently the residents of this small hamlet were unaware of recent developments in tweezer technology. "What's that, a splinter? Too bad, buddy! Wish there was some way we could extract it from your flesh!"

Parenting goes horribly wrong as the overbearing, suffocating mom expresses slight disapproval of her daughter's slutty companion, all the while reaffirming their belief in her innate good judgement. How DARE they bring reasonable discussion into this crisis!!

It's an exciting date night dancing by the jukebox and letting Nick smear his greasy face all over you. Angie says she knows Nick is a wolf, but I think the word she's looking for is "creep."

Did I say "creep?" I meant "date rapist." Authorities differ on whether to use the pepper spray or the taser at this point, but I say use both. Why be half safe?

Saved! Saved by the timely intervention of the state police! But not before we get what is known in the industry as a "headlight" panel. There's even a light there to clue us in.

"Wow, you certainly ruined everything with your big mouth, Margie!" Ruining date rape. How could you, Margie!

From then on, Margie was shunned in school, but it was OK because she knew it was her fault. Nowadays we call this "blaming the victim."

And Angela quit school and got married and robbed a gas station with her husband and then went to jail. MAKE SURE THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN TO YOU!! Think twice about knocking over that gas station with your husband. Rob the bank instead! That's where the money is!