We've seen some pretty terrible romance comics in this, the Month Of Romance. But for the most part they made some kind of sense, even if it was adisturbing or objectionable kind of sense. Today's feature boldly chooses a different path...

A skin diver! A beautiful girl! The bottom of the ocean! These ingredients all add up to romance. And something ugly, I guess.

At first glance this story would obviously be all about the romance between the diver and the girl here, who's obviously a mermaid, but that's way too obvious. Surely they'll give us some kind of twist or surprise.

Only three panels into this story, and already here we are with what I'm assuming will be the ugly part of this equation.

This is what sharks do, they body-slam you like the warmup bout at a WWF match. Biting? Sharks don't bite, silly!

The diver's name is "Guy Amber"? Luckily the mermaid here - I'm assuming this is a mermaid even though I have a hard time believing even a Charlton comic would be so lazy as to just go ahead and have this actually be a mermaid - luckily the mermaid pinches the shark's nose and it runs away.

"Guy Amber". Sure. Whatever.

Soooo, they live in a giant cave under the sea and daddy wears a little crown and holds a trident. I guess this is going to be a mermaid-human love story after all. No way man, they have to work some kind of twist into this.

She's been stalking him for years! That's a great lesson to teach the girls; if you like a guy, watch him. OFTEN.

Okay we're getting near the end of this short story and now would be a great time for this story to hit us with the big twist ending, the surprise, the delightful, unexpected move that turns the cliche on its head and marvels us all with its wit and brilliance. Wait a minute, this is a Charlton comic, what am I saying? We're lucky the last page was printed legibly.

And there's your twist ending - you assumed something was going to happen and it actually turned out exactly the way you assumed it. THE DOUBLE REVERSE TWIST ENDING. Double... reverse... twist... I'll get you for this, Charlton. I'll get you for this if it's the LAST THING I EVER DO.