Are you ready to embark on a voyage into the endless vastness of the universe? Then buckle up and get ready to blast off for mystery and adventure!! Oh wait, this is a Charlton comic. Never mind.

I'm not yet sure if this is the experience of a man in cryogenic sleep on a long space voyage, or a guy who left the bar late one winter night and fell in the snow on his way home.

Space voyagers of the future will be reassured and confident in their cryogenic suspension technology, which includes (1) a table to sleep on, and (2) a gentle shake and a little yelling (WAKE UP WALLY! WALLY, WAKE UP! WAKE UP DAMMIT!) to revive your frozen tissues. And hey, that looks like coffee. Good morning world! Or space!

Exposition Richie brings you back to life with some hot broth and a big steaming pile of backstory."We're astronauts!" WHOA THERE RICHIE SLOW DOWN.

And boy, when we get back to Earth, we'll be heroes! If anybody remembers who we are and what we did; it will have been 200 years, and in my experience, the general public loses interest in spacemen after the first dozen or so blastoffs.

"You know, Wally, I've been calling Earth on the radio for a while but I haven't gotten an answer! I wonder why that is? Here we are hundreds of light years from Earth, and they aren't answering our radio messages! I'll give them just fifty or sixty more years, that's what I'll do."

"What's that, check incoming messages? Shucks, I forgot all about that. If only Mission Control had issued us with some kind of checklist of important tasks to complete while in space. Oh well, they can't think of everything."

Here's the important part where apparently the characters switch roles and the moustache guy is now the engineer and the blonde guy is going to go get the messages. It's kind of confusing and can really change the way you enjoy this story if you aren't prepared for it. Oh, you weren't prepared for it? Gee, I guess now you'll think this story is kinda lousy.

Uh oh, looks like decades ago there was a nuclear war on Earth. Gosh! I hope it's over by the time we get back! I'd hate it if it was one of those nuclear wars that lasts for two or three centuries, because those are annoying!

Seriously. Atomic war, killing billions, and all he can say is "I hope it's over by the time we get back." I now understand why people would want to shoot this guy into space.

And there's been an ominous silence from the Earth radio ever since. Which is understandable if you know how fast radio waves travel, and how far away they are from Earth, but the writer of this comic story does not, so it's scary and ominous.

Come in, Earth! When this radio transmission gets to you in four or five hundred years, be sure and answer, because we desperately need to know the current situation on a planet we are hundreds of years travel-time away from, a situation that will undoubtedly be resolved one way or another by the time we get back! PLEASE COME IN!