So as we all know Jackie Jokers is the World's Funniest Kid and entertains thousands with his TV shows, nightclub appearances, and glitzy Vegas openings, as befitting a 12 year old boy without any sort of parental supervision whatsoever. Part of what's made Jackie Jokers the greatest name in pre-teen comedy is the hard-hitting satire of his hilarious TV parody segments. Let's watch!

BARNABY JONES WILL NOT BE SEEN TONIGHT SO THAT WE MAY BRING YOU THIS SPECIAL TV PRESENTATION. Children all over the country perk up and cross their fingers, hoping for a Charlie Brown special. But nope, it's just Jackie Jokers, with another one of his TV parodies. This time Jackie takes on the most controversial television sitcom of the day, the one that bravely tackled social issues like prejudice, the Vietnam War, poverty, and feminism. How will Jackie Jokers and Harvey Comics deal with these controversial, hot-button issues?

Well, at this point it looks like Harvey Comics is going to avoid any controversial issues completely. Instead we get a weirdly-adult-bodied Jackie in the Rob Reiner role, and he's into track and field so he goes to a lot of track meets, so Archie gets to call him "meethead". That's some convoluted parody there, Harvey Comics.

Also, "dingbutt." Really, Harvey? "Dingbutt?" What's worse than calling your spouse a Dingbat? I dunno, can you fit the word "butt" in there too?

What's fascinating about this little parody story is that somehow Jackie Jokers is an adult man. I'm not sure how they'd accomplish this on 1974 television shows, but here in comic books anything is possible! Anything but Archie drinking a beer, that is. "Lemonade", indeed.

Wait, looks like we're finally going to work some of Archie Bunker's controversial reactionary opinions into this All In The Family parody! Who will be the target of his ire? Will it be a minority group? A religious affiliation? A sexual orientation? I can't wait to find out!

Aw, turns out it was just setting up one of "Dingbutt's" zingers. Dang, they weaseled out of it. On the other hand, we get to see "Meethead" demonstrate his amazing speed and physical condition, which is pretty much the direct opposite of Rob Reiner's character. On the other hand Rob Reiner directed "This Is Spinal Tap" so who cares if he can't lift an easy chair with a person in it?

And then there's the part where All In The Family demonstrates its zany, anything-can-happen freeform non-sequitur type humor, as demonstrated here by a magic pill that grows wool on humans and turns them into braying sheep-men.

Wait, what? Why would you even parody All In The Family if you were going to... I don't even....

Was this whole inane fantastical gag just to make a reference to Sally Struthers telling Carrol O'Connor to 'quit picking on Meathead'? Just a setup for a pop culture reference? That is a lot of work for not much payoff. On the other hand, expecting incisive satirical comedy gold from an issue of "Jackie Jokers" is probably a mistake on my part.

And he heads right for the stadium where a special after-dinner track meet is being held and gets right on that starting line and starts running that race while being covered in wool and sets a new world record, in the kind of zany, anything-can-happen, out-there comedy world of All In The Family. After all, Normal Lear is well known for his bizarre non-sequitir flights of fancy-- remember when Conrad Bain spent an entire episode of "Maude" talking like a cartoon rooster until space men took him away? Yeah, me either.

Tune in next week for Jackie Jokers as "Jackula". I imagine he'll be a vampire for 2 pages and then use his vampire skills to repair typewriters in Boise, Idaho.