We continue our look at Golden Age cheese this week with a classic DOCTOR FATE story from 1940. Doctor Fate is a guy in a blue and yellow suit and a helmet who has vaguely defined powers and slightly girlish looks, and lives all by himself in a tower in Massachusetts, where he writes densely worded horror fiction based on his childhood fears of swarthy foreigners.

As we see from this panel, even in 1940 speculation ran rampant about the possibility of aliens from space and their desire to posess our ocean liners.

So these aliens accidentally landed on Earth and just happened to be packing their ship-attracting ray. Meanwhile, Dr. Fate's girlfriend conveniently has her radio tuned to that exact ship-to-shore transmission taking place on the other side of the world. You might say the odds of all this happening are astronomical, but wildly improbable coincidences are what Doctor Fate is all about!

Even in 1940 we knew the space people were hot for the white women. Unfortunately, the news that our weapons would have no effect had yet to reach us. I understand those strange globes kill instantly, which is why Tuxedo Guy has time to comment on the Mexican dinner he had previously.

And now, a message from our sponsor.

Doctor Fate is so awesome, he can punch people who aren't even in front of him.

Let's not talk to these visitors from another star - just blow up their ship! Destroy them! After all, they have globes, and are fascinated by ships and women!

After defeating the alien invaders with his fists, Doctor Fate dispenses medical advice. I guess when the caption says those globes kill instantly, they mean "within 4 to 6 weeks".

Welcome to Earth! Now DROP DEAD!!! Maybe that seems like a harsh punishment for merely diverting an ocean liner and manhandling a chippie, but Doctor Fate... well, honestly, he doesn't care. He doesn't have to.