SURPRISE SHOCK ENDING DEPT: This historical drama from an issue of DC's "Ghosts" has a shocker finale that will blow you away!

You'll never guess the final panel of this comic, but let's see if we can learn any clues from the splash page... let's see... Austria... old fashioned haircuts... mean looking child who likes to draw... OH OH I KNOW it's The Sound Of Music, isn't it??

Hmm... no, that can't be right. Let's see then... kid is wearing liederhosen... OH I KNOW he's really Huckle Cat, is that it? Naw, Huckle's mom isn't named Klara and besides, Huckle is an adorable friendly kitten, not an angry little human boy.

Hmm... so he grew up to be a monstrous artist? Or are the art thing and the evil thing unrelated? Mr. Hitl... uh, I mean, Alois is unclear on these premonitions. God knows plenty of artists are total dicks though!

Whoever this boy with black hair carefully parted to the side is, he can't be all bad. And if he was, it couldn't possibly be the result of decades of socio-political upheaval in Europe, right? Oh, I'm getting ahead of myself.

Here, have a nice hallucinatory sequence with giant eyeballs. Could this contain any clues as to the SURPRISE SHOCK ending of this story? Looks like a war of some kind! Death, devastation, and bodies everywhere huh? Sounds like a night at the Playboy mansion am I right? Huh? Huh?? ...huh.

The premonition continues in surprisingly specific detail. This Alois guy is clearly a very compassionate person who cares deeply about the fate of these untold millions in his vision. Such a good-hearted visionary will surely raise his children to care about his fellow man, so I don't think there's anything to worry...

oh darn. Well, even without his father's guidance, I'm sure little evil-faced Austrian boy will turn out fine. In any case, it's time to learn the exciting secret that this story has cleverly hidden from us all this time! I bet you totally didn't see it coming from the very first panel!! I sure didn't!!!

SURPRISE! That little boy grew up to be "Handsome Adolf" Busch, the great German violinist and composer... No, wait... HITLER!! The little boy is Adolf Hitler! Oh wow I am sooooo shocked.

No but seriously, you know what would've been an actual surprise? Something like this:

Or maybe even this:

WOWEE now that would be a socko ending! Actually I'm pretty sure there are at least a dozen Marvel sci-fi comics from the 50s and 60s that end exactly like that but that's another story.

anyway my point is anything other than Hitler would've been a surprise.