A particularly interesting piece of shrapnel from the B&W comics explosion, NEW BEGINNING is a heartwarming and possibly semi-autobiographical story of war, murder, nuclear destruction, and Led Zepplin.

Our hero Terry - coincidentally sharing the name of the comic's author - is a pudgy high school blimp who joins the army to escape poolside humiliation.

Luckily the United States Army can turn even the most obese lump into a finely chiseled fighting machine who can barely fit into his uniform due to rippling quads, delts, and glutes.

After a brutal baptism of fire in the only war available (Grenada), Terry finds himself an orphaned millionaire; and immediately builds his dream house.

Naturally having endured the bewildering vagaries of fate, Terry decides to host his 10-year high school reunion at his gigantic dream mansion. But only one question is on Terry's mind... what happened to his high school crush, coincidentally named after the real-life Terry's real-life wife?

You can tell by the two balloons pinned to the wall that no expense has been spared for this shindig. At least the guests are good and drunk.

Aw, wouldn't you know it - it's World War Three, right in the middle of the reunited Led Zepplin's performance!!

This is ACTUALLY what people ACTUALLY LOOKED LIKE back then. Seriously.

Ever wonder what would happen if a nuclear war broke out while you were hosting your 10-year high school reunion at your 8-million dollar dream home? Terry does.

Ex-military, picked on in high school, lots of guns - I kind of get the impression that Terry was going to shoot all his former classmates sooner or later anyway.

Terry thought to save his Led Zep albums, but he lets the actual band FRY. Way to go, Terry. His thoughtlessness is overlooked by Debbie, his high school crush, who shoots her OWN HUSBAND to save Terry. Well, he DID write this comic.

After eight months in the shelter, our survivors emerge to face - TO BE CONTINUED. What a ripoff! Oh, dogs. Yeah, that's scary.

Next issue, looks like the Mad Max stereotype of crazed postnuclear punk rockers rears its mohawked head just in time for shouting and blasting with M16's!! According to research NEW BEGINNING lasted for at least three more issues. Terry went on to run Unicorn Comics & Cards and Debbie went on to letter the comic book NEW BEGINNING, bringing the whole thing full circle.