If there's one thing we love more than stupid comics here at Mister Kitty's Stupid Comics, it's stupid comics that some stupid kid has drawn all over with his stupid ballpoint pen in the middle of stupid math class or maybe Mr. Johnson's second period English, he's a coach, why is he teaching English? Here's one smack dab from the middle of the Silver Age when Batman was still dizzy from the transition between classic razor-jaw Zebra Batman 50s, relatively-speaking realism of the 'New Look', and the desperate, celebrity-guest-star-laden camp of the TV show.

Also, some kid drew scars and funny teeth on his face.

The googly eyes are a nice touch.

A whole gang of all right-handed gunmen blast a nice neat line of holes in the Caped Crusader here in what we can only assume is the extra special extended director's cut of this comic. It's nice that those guys all bought the same kind of gun, though.

Hah, not even the Penguin is immune to the all-powerful pen of Bored Kid In Math Class! As this is post-TV Batman we have not only the Joker and the Penguin but also special guest appearances by David Wayne as The Mad Hatter. Did you know David Wayne appeared in more films with Marilyn Monroe than any other actor? It's true!

What? Even the ADS got scribbled all over? It's rare we see this full-comic commitment to defacement, but Nameless Kid was taking this one all the way, man.

Also, seriously, Ideal, a boat that goes around in a circle while you hold a little string? That is definitely not "Boaterific", not at all.

And speaking of Ideal, or idols, here's a giant Oriental idol looming ominously over Batman, with art corrections by Kid In Math Class.

This one's my favorite. It's subtle.

Dammit Batman get off your cell phone! You're driving!

from serious calm Batman to crosseyed open-mouthed fang-toothed scarred-chin Batman, in just a few pen strokes! Truly the work of a master.

I take back what I said; THIS one is my favorite.

Meanwhile in the ads, Richie Rich and Mike Nesmith from the Monkees exclaim "Man, it's boss!"

At this point our unidentified artist steps up his game and Batman's eyes begin to bug out of his head like he's one of those sad snail-parasite-infected people whose eyes bug horrifyingly out as seen in the excellent manga KUROSAGI CORPSE DELIVERY SERVICE, volume 4! Now available in giant omnibus editions from Dark Horse. Buy some today!

One can't help but wonder at the repressed violent urges welling forth from the subconscious of any young individual who would deface comics in such a destructive fashion.

Faithful butler Alfred gets the ballpoint makeover as Batman realizes that evil super villain Mister Esper used his trick megaphone to project supersonic subliminal whispers into his subconscious mind. Mister Esper would later become Captain Calamity and host the "KZ100 Zoo Crew" morning drive-time hour in several top radio markets! Well, maybe not that last part.

Here in the last few panels of the comic we do indeed learn that Mister Esper, holding his trick megaphone where you can see it clearly, was behind all the warnings to Batman, and also behind the hints to Batman's top TV star villains. You see, Mister Esper was hired to kill Batman, but instead saved Batman's life, because he wants to kill Batman himself. Remember this the next time YOU want to hire Mister Esper for anything - he might just take your money and not deliver! Good thing criminal syndicates are always such good sports about such things.

And it wouldn't be a mid-century comic book without a little casual... can you call it "orientalism" if the fake "oriental" lettering they're attempting does not come anywhere close to any actual Asian language? What would you call this? Besides stupid? I guess we'll go with stupid. And that's what Stupid Comics are all about! Now grab your ballpoint pen and get scribblin'!