High school... a confusing time for any teenager, even moreso if you're one of the kids regarded as "different". You know, "strange". Get what I mean? "Weird". YOU know. Come on. YOU know what I'm talking about. Don't you? Well, DC comics seemed to think you would.

YOU know what she means. Right?

I don't see what's so strange about a teenage girl who likes to plant fenceposts in her spare time... oh, wait, now I see. It's that awkwardly cut-and-pasted Mr. Zip her dad always wears on his head. That IS pretty strange.

Okay, it seems here Liz's mom is JUST on the edge of saying... you know what I mean. What I'm saying is, she spends this whole page nearly accusing her daughter of being a... *winkwink*. I'm not positive, but whatever it is she's trying to say may or may not have something to do with Liz's sweater being a different colour in the first panel.

What an unusually sly smile those girls have when Liz talks about "getting to know" Agnes. Almost as if they're sharing a secret... you know what I mean? Actually at this point I'M not sure what I mean! The coyness of this narrative is beginning to get to me!

Like all this "guard your man" stuff. I don't get it. What are those kids in the stands trying to say? And why does that girl in the purple have that same coy smile Agnes and Liz had earlier? I get the feeling there's some sort of subtext here that no one wants to bring to the surface.

Why this guy was walking across the gymnasium in the middle of a game is anybody's guess, but I suppose if you've got a "thing" for girl jocks that's the way to meet them.

"It certainly wasn't anything like the way Agnes kisses me!"

"You MUST be normal! My mom is normal, and you kiss just like her!" Again, I get the feeling Fred is trying to say something. She can't be what?

In reply to "Some kind of--" FINALLY Fred says the word that's on everyone's lips!
No, wait. He's just calling her Liz. That's her name. Right. Never mind.

Liz is so ticked off at Fred's inability to say what he's thinking, she actually SWEARS. In a DC romance comic from the 70s! They can swear, but they can't say "lesbian". Brilliant. DC's editorial staff is on the ball!

You can't see it because the panel cuts off, but right here Mom starts dancing a gleeful Irish jig.

Why is her voice trailing off like that? Did the absurdity of the situation suddenly occur to her?

"Or a girl like Agnes. Whatever."