Sure, I bet most of you out there think the concept of Superman's pal Jimmy Olsen and Superman's super cousin Supergirl working together as newspaper reporters is some sort of wild idea cooked up for the current Supergirl TV show. Well, think again, because just like everything else great you enjoy, the comics were first!

The nightmare of every insecure male, replaced by a woman! And she isn't even wearing a bow tie. Well Jimmy, at least in the TV show your character will go from a red-headed nebbishy white dude to a hunky black guy. Still no luck with Lucy Lane, though. Some things never change!

It's the saddest day in the history of the Jimmy Olsen Fan Club. And let's face it, when you're in the Jimmy Olsen Fan Club, every day is kinda sad.

Let's just start right off here with Supergirl getting a familiar tingling sensation! No, she didn't bite into a York Peppermint Patty, she's encountering red Kryptonite, the kind of Kryptonite that causes unpredictable reactions in super-people from Krypton. I guess you have to expect this kind of thing when you visit any sort of a future that sports Daleks the size of office buildings.

Can Supergirl warn Jimmy of his impending doom? Or will Jimmy just laugh because after all it's just some silly girl? Should Supergirl just say "hey, I tried" and let Jimmy laugh his way out of a helicopter crash? That last one, I think!

So now Supergirl is super when she's dressed normal and normal when she's dressed super. It's almost as if that Red Kryptonite has the mind of a overworked comic book scripter up against a deadline!

I know from experience that it's impossible to change the past. But can I change the future? A future that I witnessed on my way back in time from the future, rendering that future now the past? Or am I just confused? Confused.

And here's her plan, she'll get Jimmy fired. That'll serve him right for laughing at her! Oh yeah and it'll save his life too. That's good I guess.

Supergirl simply cannot let five minutes go by without kissing on Jimmy Olsen! I see where the TV show gets its ideas. And who should walk in but Lucy Lane, eager to find yet one more thing to get irritated at Jimmy Olsen about.

Supergirl's plan to save, I meah ruin Jimmy's life is already well on the way to completion! His girl ditched him, he's about to get fired, and I imagine she has a brilliant scheme to get him evicted from his apartment, too.

It sure would be terrible if Jimmy lost this great job where he's a superstar reporter who also has to buy cigars for the boss. What a great job.

When I spray weird explosives into cigars for a prank, everybody flips out. When Supergirl does it, everybody's OK with it? Whatever.

If exploding cigars fail, it's time to bring out the big guns - the big rug!

Part three of Plan "Getting Jimmy Fired," Make Him Fly On A Carpet. Part one of Plan "Not Wanting To Draw Much Of This Comic Book Story," just forget to draw the rest of the Daily Planet building so that it looks like Jimmy's office vanishes into nothingness.

Or maybe this isn't a Fire Jimmy plan, it's a Fly Jimmy Everywhere plan and that way he won't have to use the helicopter and therefore he won't crash. And as we learn in the last panel, the helicopter is broken anyways! So relax Supergirl!

Okay, firing Jimmy over an exploding cigar or a screwed up story, that's fine. But firing him because he can't make a magic carpet fly? Sure Perry, try getting that one past the Labor Board.

The joke's on Supergirl as a despondent Jimmy commits suicide rather than be replaced by a - ugh - GIRL

Fate cannot be denied! Turns out a criminal who looks exactly like Jimmy Olsen crashed the Planet helicopter, because he thought he was stealing a genuine flying carpet that could genuinely fly. And why did he think it could genuinely fly? Because Supergirl flew it. Thanks Supergirl. So that's who died, Jimmy Olsen's exact duplicate. Not Jimmy Olsen. Tell the Jimmy Olsen Fan Club they can quit crying...for a few minutes, anyway.

Never one to pass up the main chance, Jimmy leverages a horrifying deadly aircraft crash into a raise. Always look for that silver lining!

I'm just relieved to learn the "cosmo rays" will stop affecting Earth. Since this is the first time this story has mentioned "cosmo rays" at all in any context whatsoever, we can only assume that this was part of the whole red Kryptonite - lost powers - super suit thing that somebody forgot about until the story was almost over. Anyway, we know Jimmy got his job back and has all the kisses he can handle, and also we know it's impossible to change the future or the past, so don't even try.