As former kids we all know the yellowjacket as the angry jerk of the insect world, harassing us as we mow lawns and attempt to relax on patios, good only for providing an outlet for our kid aggression as we attack their nests with fireworks, gasoline, and every other weapon in our unsupervised pre-teen arsenal. And as comic book nerds we know Yellowjacket as the slightly more impressive alternate alter ego of Ant-Man that isn't Giant-Man. But how far back does that comic book Yellowjacket family tree go? And can we shoot bottle rockets at it and watch it buzz around in impotent anger? To answer those questions in order: (1) pretty far, and (2) not in the house, please.

THIS Yellowjacket won't be showing up in any Marvel movies, he's all about demented midget submarine fishing escapes caused by mad scientists who use all their mad science knowledge to whack security guards in the skull with rocks, very scientifically.

But what has all this to do with Vince Harley, part-time Yellowjacket and full time "Matthew McConaughey In Dazed And Confused" impressionist?

This is what happens when you ignore the "Mad Scientist Midget Submarine Area Ahead" warning buoys. They're there for *your* protection!

1945: America stands triumphant after victory in the bloodiest conflict in the history of the world. 1946: Well, we're licked. Better do as he says

"Don't try no monkey business," says the eminent scientist, using all his intellectual discipline to forcibly stop himself from adding "consarn it!"

Two minutes ago Dainty McFainty here was all "well he's got us, better do as he says," but now that mad scientist is actually doing what he said he'd do, she's all "you fiend" and passing out due to sheer fright. Make up your mind Diane.

Our evil genius is none other than Simon Lark, the greatest submarine designer in the world! How great is he? He's the guy that invented that whole "slouch in front of the periscope with one elbow draped casually over the handle" thing that submarine commanders have been using for years! Yeah, THAT Simon Lark!

Sir, they prefer the term "little people submarines."

AW MAN YOU DONE MESSED UP NOW-- IT'S YELLOWJACKET TIME!! And that means putting on the skintight yellow outfit and donning the yellow and black... cape... there's no actual jacket, is there... and calling upon the mighty army of yellowja - I mean, bees. Bees! Why not yellowjackets? Because, that's why.

Okay bees, you know what to do, you know what submarines are because you're highly trained, now get out there and... I don't care if you're drawn like houseflies, get out there and find that submarine.


It's a well-known fact that a bee-covered periscope requires all Navy personnel to follow current Standing Orders that cover incidents of insect-related obscurement and obfuscation of viewing devices including portholes, windshields, underwater cameras, and periscopes. Of course, being a submarine, they could just submerge, but that would end this comic five pages too early.

"I hope that old codger is ready for visitors! Maybe I should call first! Do I bring a bottle of wine? Or maybe a dessert? So many questions!"

BEES vs SUBMARINE will not be seen tonight so that we may bring you this very special presentation: BEES vs GUNNERS, brought to you by Dolly Madison and Kenner.

Yes it's LAUGHS AHOY as THOSE DARN BEES (buzzing sound) are back in another rip-roaring family comedy! SEE those crazy bees attack a Coast Guard cutter (zany sound effect)! You'll HOWL as an entire crew starts making crazy gang-sign gestures (record scratch noise)! Don't miss THOSE DARN BEES, coming soon to a VERY UNUSUAL theater near you (buzzing sound fades out)!

Can't decide what I like best about this sequence; the whole "Let go!" "Make me!" exchange between hero and villain that makes them seem like two petulant five year olds, or the satisfying BONK of that hatch smacking Yellowjacket right in his forehead.

So how exactly is this a "midget" submarine? Looks to me like it's the size of a regular old submarine on the inside. Plenty of room for sprawling around uselessly while the Coast Guard uses up some leftover WWII depth charges (or "ash cans" as the script here is determined to refer to them as).

This mad scientist is telling it like it is! He's got no time for niceties like sympathy or human compassion, he's got weirdly huge midget submarines to test!

The mighty fist of Yellowjacket puts Dr. Sub down for the count. Didn't have to hit him with bees or anything!

Working swiftly, Yellowjacket shoves the corpses of his enemy and his girlfriend into their individual Corpse Tubes. What's that you say, they aren't corpses? Well, they will be after they're shot out of a torpedo tube! If the sudden and violent pressurization doesn't kill them, the whole "suddenly underwater while unconscious" will certainly do the trick.

"They'll plummet to the surface!" Because that's how things plummet, straight up.

I sure hope this works, says the guy about to cram himself into a tube much too small for his body. Maybe the bees can help him.

Also, I'm pretty sure this is a fetish for somebody. You're welcome, whoever you are, you weirdo.

Well, everybody lived and now Yellowjacket has to deal with a lot of aggravation from his girlfriend. So this is basically every day for Yellowjacket, the superhero who can control bees. Now, where did I put those bottle rockets and that gasoline can?

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