Everybody loves a ghost story, but stories starring the Standard/Nedor/Better Thrilling Comics character The Ghost are a different story, as long time readers of our Stupid Comics feature are well aware. This magical hobo wanders through time and space courtesy "Yogi Magic," accompanied only by his girlfriend Betty, on an never ending quest to defeat the evil machinations of a mad scientist known only as Fenton.

Here we see The Ghost picking up a few extra bucks promoting Robin Hood Flour. For all your home baking needs, it's Robin Hood Flour. And now, on with our story!

The evil Fenton schemes to travel back in time and insert himself into either the Herbert Brenon "Ivanhoe" film or Warner Brothers' epic "Robin Hood" and steal that sweet King Richard ransom!

Meanwhile, the Ghost and Betty are wandering around, trespassing into private homes and turning walls into glass. I see a great future in home renovations for The Ghost, if he can keep out of jail for being a peeping tom!

Finally science has invented an electric pistol. I'm so tired of paying high prices at the bullet pumps!

I know Fenton says "Cleopatra" but it reads as "Oleopatra," and now I'm thinking of a Queen Of The Nile made completely out of margarine. Will Fenton's casually tossed off temporal red herring work on The Ghost? Is the Ghost honestly that gullible?

(artist) Aw heck, I have to draw a big battery? Junior, go down and pop the hood on the Packard, it's time for some life drawing. No, wait, go fetch me that JC Whitney catalog, I'll just trace the Auto-Lite on page 65.

(artist) Egypt? Sure, I can draw Egypt. Fetch me my triangle template, Junior.

Now I know all the history nerds are here to remind us the Cleopatra we know was but one of many Cleopatras of the Greek Ptolemaic dynasty, and as such was probably more European than African or Arabic in appearance, but this Cleopatra here is very pale European, like we're talking Brunhilde Wagner-opera type European. We might be overcorrecting here. Also, warnings about an intruder from the 20th century are not going to mean much to someone who judges time by the flooding of the Nile!

Hey buddy! Think twice about ditching Cleopatra, you know they made a movie about her called "Queen of Sex," right? Why don't we see how thrilling we can make this issue of Thrilling Comics?

Guys, we want clarity and brevity in our scripts - "Sufferin' Snakes!" would have worked just as well here, and saved the letterer a bit of work, too.

What's the technical term when somebody shoots a royal personage with an electric gun? Regizapicide? Electro-regnal-therapy? Help me, venerable Yogi!

On cue the Yogi delivers important wisdom about managing winning ball clubs and catching perfect games, and.... sorry, wrong Yogi. This Yogi knows where Fenton is and can instantly transport the Ghost wherever the Ghost needs to be, rendering the previous pages of this story a waste of everybody's time. Our apologies.

PRO COMIC ARTIST TIP: Differentiate the poses of your characters between panels! That way the readers (us) aren't confused as to whether or not the Ghost is in his boat, or is on shore looking at a boat.

Unsure as to when the mini-skirt came into fashion in the royal court of England, but it adds a touch of color to an otherwise drab ensemble.

I can't read this panel any way other than to conclude Betty wants to get naked, and then direct the Ghost to the patron of a sex worker.

As we know from movies and folktales, King John was a nasty evil man that schemed to take over the throne, which is why the Ghost disses him so thoroughly here. In reality, everybody wearing a crown back then was scheming to take over each other's thrones, part of why King Richard was king of England but didn't actually spend that much time in England. But we must hurry!

Really Fenton? You think England has another three hundred thousand marks just lying around? You can't get blood from a stone! Maybe you'd make more money licensing your time travel technology, and... but no. Criminals gotta crime.

Just put those guys in fifty pounds of metal and then kick 'em overboard, Ghost. Way to hero there.

The Ghost has licked Fenton again! That's quite a mental image, isn't it? Will Fenton learn his lesson and stop trying to use his time machine for evil? If not, the Ghost will continue to thwart his evil schemes in every issue of Thrilling Comics! At least until he's ignominously replaced by a sword-wielding fop. That's Ghost-biz, I guess.

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