Mystery! Adventure! Super-Action! In the 1960s you'd find all these things down at the local dog track, or maybe backstage at the Fillmore with Big Brother & The Holding Company. But if all you had was twelve cents, and the local newsstand was sold out of Marvel and DC comics, you might pick up one of these.

One of several attempts by publishers to cash in on the then-resurgent super hero craze, Mighty Comics started out as "Adventures Of The Fly" but then changed titles to "Fly-Man." None of this helped to grow sales and Mighty Comics would only last ten mighty issues in this incarnation. The real mystery is, what on earth happened to this comic book? Water damage? Rodents? Insects? Insects riding rodents who broke a water main gnawing their way into the room where this comic book happened to be? We may never know.

Whether battling armed bank robbers or sinister masterminds from far beyond this island universe, the Black Hood never neglects to recite his pledge. Which usually means the evil-doers have ample time to escape, and this works out for everybody.

The only thing more feared than the fists of the Black Hood are his stinging insults, which bring tears to the eyes of even the most hardened criminals!

Boy I bet that was an exciting story where the Black Hood defeated a fantastic alien who had both a flying saucer and amazing headgear. Too bad it's dismissed in a single panel. Now get lost, chump!

Unknown to the world, the Black Hood's secret identity is none other than that of legendary hotelier Conrad Hilton, here seen slyly plugging his autobiography!

But enough about the Black Hood and his lemon-scented Pledge. It's time for some rock-em sock-em action when a police-sponsored wrestling show goes horribly awry as - what's this, wrestling fans? The masked Karate Master has CHOPPED those ringside ropes in HALF! It looks like this match is NOT going the way the Black Hood intended! He's gotta be asking himself, what's it going to take to beat the Karate Master?

I don't know how much wresting the Black Hood has ever watched on TV, but whacking opponents with folding chairs, turnbuckles, announcers chairs or ring poles might be disqualifying, but is also extremely ordinary.

Maybe the Karate Master should spend more time looking where he's going and less time lecturing about wild nightmares of savage karate might?

So THAT'S what that mask is supposed to be, it's supposed to be a mask of beloved McDonaldland mascot character "Grimace." Weird choice, but okay.

Turns out the Karate Master WASN'T glad to see the Black Hood and that WAS a gun jammed into his tights. Eat sweaty, wrestling-trunks-reeking lead!

MOTORCYCLE OWNERS: don't let this happen to YOU! Take your keys OUT of the ignition when parking outside police benefit wrestling matches!

Sure, that's right, blame it all on America's poor system of mental health treatment.

"the sole exit in this windowless room" otherwise known as "the door"

Aren't there normally openings in bars? That's what makes them "bars" instead of "solid panels?" Or am I dreaming, waiting for a mighty blow to jolt me back to consciousness?

Well, after this mysterious anasthesia and rude awakening, what amazing new location can we expect the Black Hood to be threatened in?

Oh. It's... the same exact wrestling ring, but now the audience is criminals! It's like the Apalachin meeting, but with fewer conversations about loansharking and more hollering of "Kill the bum!" I like how this venue operates. Rent it out to the cops at 6pm, clear the hall, then rent it out to the crooks two hours later!

Look at this happy crowd of murderers, pimps, and thugs! Truly, wrestling is the great uniter of men. Now meet my feet, sucker!

Part one of the Black Hood's carefully thought out escape plan - firing wildly into the crowd!

Look, I don't want to blame the crooks for renting a hall that just happened to be right next to police headquarters. Maybe this was the only wrestling arena available that night? These things happen.

Karate Master was only going to be held for questioning and then released, but now - now he's facing a felony property damage charge.

Felony property damage, stealing a police car, assaulting an officer, reckless driving, carrying an unsecured passenger, no proof of insurance - keep rackin' em up, Karate Master!

Looks like somebody saw "Carnival Of Souls!" Does this mean the Black Hood has been (SPOILER) dead this whole time?

Underwater karate is different from regular karate in that the bricks you break with your bare hands are used to build those castles you see in aquariums. Which are underwater.

Sorry, that's all I got here. They can't all be gems.

The movies and TV are always right! That lady next door IS a witch, WWII prison camps were hilarous fun, six children are perfectly fine sharing one bathroom, and finks always lose!

Check it, the Black Hood is exhausted, he's been wrestled and gassed and thrown around and crashed into the river, FINALLY he beats this Karate Master, and the cops just want to nitpick about where exactly the defeat took place. You can't have everything I GUESS, HA HA, said the Black Hood sarcastically. Next time I'll let YOU clowns fight the massive karate man and we'll see how YOU like it, ha ha.

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