Silver Screen Time: It's a little-known fact that Robert Eggers' 2019 classic "The Lighthouse" was actually based on an even littler-known Dell Bugs Bunny comic from 1958. Eggers dropped the word "capers" from his title to avoid confusion with the tasty plant-based garnish, but as you'll see in the photo-essay below, the inspiration could not be more obvious.

Eggers begins his homage by replacing the pelican and colourful tablecloth with seagulls and an unnerving stare straight at the camera, to throw the audience off the scent.

Thankfully Bugs does NOT immediately discover a tiny mermaid figurine to jack it to

The role of Elmer Fudd as the lighthouse keeper (or "wicky") was naturally given to the brilliant, legendary Wiwwem Dafoe.

Just as in the film, the antagonism between Elmer and Bugs/Robert Pattinson begins almost immediately.

If you recall the symbolism of Greek mythology, Bugs/RPattz represents Prometheus, who is associated with fire.

With comparisons like this, you can really see how Eggers' cinematography was heavily influenced by this beautiful, iconic classical art.

No Bugs! It's bad luck to harm a sea bird!!

Yeah, a leash.

Off topic, but why does Elmer's lisp come and go like that in these Dell comics? Same reason RPatz's accent comes and goes in this movie, I guess.

At least Elmer keeps his clothes on when he's up in that lighthouse...

...oh. Oh, well.

Never mind.

Anyway gang, the original story ends like this; instead of Bugs Bunny lying on a rock being eaten alive by birds for eternity, he is merely stranded with a half-naked Elmer and a drunk pelican. Upon further research, it appears Eggers may have to turned to a lesser-known, lower form of art for the ending of his film:

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