Remember back in the day when long distance phone calls cost an arm and a leg, email was for Defense Department think tanks, and the Post Office was your window to the larger world? When the Sears Catalog was your Amazon, when round-robin letters were your Facebook, when you'd order something through the mail and you'd have to wait four to six weeks for delivery? What's that? You don't remember any of that? Lucky you.

Seems like we spent most of our time sitting in the front room, staring at the mailbox, waiting for the mailman in his little right-hand drive Jeep to stop and give us some mail, waiting in vain just like Li'l Jinx here. Sorry, Li'l Jinx. Your X-Ray Spex, Trick Gum and Ape Mask With Lifelike Hair will come another day.

And yes, humans actually lived in primitive times without free next-day shipping, without an army of gig economy wage slaves at their beck and call delivering anything anywhere at any time. Horrifying! I mean, when you need your Archie Groovy Stationery Kit, you need it NOW!

Parents and children agree the Archie Groovy Stationery Kit is BEAUTIFUL and WORTH WAITING FOR, and they'd be saying this even if they weren't characters owned and operated by Archie Periodicals Incorporated, Mamaroneck, New York.

An impressive example of printing excellence, you'll want to show off The Archie Groovy Stationery Kit to your friends and loved ones. In every detail this kit faithfully reproduces the actual photostat the art department pasted into this original Li'l Jinx art. Amazing!

In fact, the Archie Groovy Stationery Kit is SO awesome that your friends will want it for their very own! And why should they wait four to six weeks when they can have a few sheets now? Thanks, Jinx!

How groovy is the Archie Groovy Stationery Kit? It has pictures of DILTON DOILY. THAT'S how groovy it is.

That Archie Groovy Stationery Kit is so incredible that never before seen Li'l Jinx characters are making their first appearances just to get their mitts on a page or two. Clearly in the late 60s the business you wanted to be in was the stationery business!

Okay Li'l Jinx, you realize that at some point you could say "no?" Now your entire Archie Groovy Stationery Kit is gone, and you only have your lack of a spine to blame.

It's a fact. The joy and excitement of any human being is directly proportional to their access to the Archie Groovy Stationery Kit. I don't make the rules!

Hey dads! Stop staring at that Betty & Veronica pinup on the next page and get with the program! Order MULTIPLE Archie Groovy Stationery Kits and when the big generous heart of your own precious little darling renders her bereft of Groovy Archie Stationery, you'll be able to produce another kit without delay!

THIS HAS BEEN A PAID ADVERTISEMENT FOR ARCHIE GROOVY STATIONERY. But wait. I hear you asking already. How can YOU be a real smart daddy and order YOUR OWN two or three sets of Archie Groovy Stationery? Here's how.

It's perfect for writing both friends AND "Archie Club" member pen pals, who are NOT your friends. Two very separate categories. We want to make that clear.

Was the "Li'l Jinx Pen Pals" list different from the "Archie Club" Pen Pal list? Or did they just throw 'em all into one big pile? One thing's for sure, there was definitely a wide age range of kids looking to hear from total strangers. Are you really comfortable with your eight year old getting letters from teenagers? My guess is, as long as that letter is written on Archie Groovy Stationery, everything's A-OK.

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