Time to saddle your horse, strap on those jingle-jangle spurs, oil up your six-gun, and travel back to a time when the Old West(ern comic) was filled with fictionalized adventures of historical characters! Why bother making up larger than life cowboy heroes? Real life mythologizing has already done the work of sanding the rough edges and considerable missteps from our Western lawmen's careers, making figures like, say, for instance, Wyatt Earp, fair game for novels, movies, TV shows, and, of course, comic books.

"Can't do that, Grizzly! We can't run a man out of town just because we don't like his looks - unless he was Black, or Chinese, or Jewish. Then it's game on. But this guy? No way."

Heck, first somebody named "Sam Smart" rides into town, and now "Wolf Clagg", that heart-breaking outlaw, has been seen down by Coffin Creek! What ridiculously-named Wild West character will show up next?

A good bounty hunter will take the time to inform everyone around him who he is and what he's up to. It's just good bounty hunter manners.

That ornery no'count varmint is a cold-blooded hombre all right. Now buckaroo, let's saddle up, strap on our shootin' irons, and mosey over to the hoosegow, I think that's where I left my dictionary of tired Western movie clich├ęs

As one man, Earp can sneak into Coffin Creek alone and unsuspected. And alone is exactly how Earp gets shot.

Western films and media have shown conclusively that the best treatment for gunshot wounds is a dirty rag wrapped around your coat sleeve.

"I told you it was a mistake!" That's what I'm going to tell the judge the next time *I* shoot a US Marshal.

In hindsight, perhaps Wolf Clagg's hideout strategy of "put on some really colorful clothes and stand on top of the nearest hill" might not have been the wisest move.

Look Clagg, the bounty hunter asked you nicely to "don't move." And here you repay his politeness with violence! Shame on you.

Well, I guess maybe the old "tie a handkerchief around your coat sleeve" medical technique leaves something to be desired, after all.

Hey Grizzly, with Tinder you're supposed to SWIPE, not TACKLE. But I guess when you've been itching to get your hands on two men for a long time, you get a little eager!

"When I woke up, Grizzly explained the story's extremely convenient resolution to me in dialogue, so Dick Ayers didn't have to draw it. What a thoughtful guy."

Here's your blood money, you bounty hunter. Now take it and get out of my sight. And then come right back, because your marshal-shooting ass is getting thrown in the hoosegow. Or is Earp just gonna let that slide?

It isn't often a comic book just comes right out and says 'that guy was better dead than alive' but here we are.

Well, that was an exciting Western adventure filled with violence and gun-play, but I know what people are really itching to see is this fictional sharpshooter lecturing us all on gun safety. So here we go!

Are YOU one of the many readers who wrote into Wyatt Earp Comics hoping to learn the proper rules for handling weapons? And if so, why? Are you mental?

NEVER AIM A GUN AT ANOTHER HUMAN BEING AS A JOKE. Other reasons? Fine. But jokes? No sir.

Perhaps if we had 100 years of cowboy adventures that started and ended with the safe storage of firearms, the United States might not be in the situation it's currently in, where firearm-related injuries are the leading cause of death among children and teenagers. I guess this isn't very funny, but hey, this week we had another gun massacre in the US and we really thought this might not be a good time to cover this particular Stupid Comic, and then we said, when ISN'T there a mass shooting? That's where we're at.

Remember, guns should never be treated as toys or fired for no reason at all, which is what he's doing right here. To show you what not to do.

Sure, it may look like Wyatt Earp's being hypocritical when he tells us all to never point guns at human beings - I mean, he's blasting away at folks all the time! But Wyatt Earp is a trained lawman, specializing in shooting only the guns out of bad guy hands. Plus, his gun-related jokes are really funny. So he gets a pass.

No, it's not funny!

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